Wednesday, May 30, 2012

China Test

1 Why did the British want to sell opium in China?

2 Why did the Chinese  Lose opium wars?

3 Explain the Taiping rebellion

4 What is a sphere of influence?

5 What was the Boxer rebellion

6 Explain sun's 3 principles of nationalism, people's rights, and people's livelihood.

7 What is the Long March?

8 Explain what Jiang Jieshi and Mao ZeDong views were

9 What were the Communes, how did they work out?

10 How did the Great leap forward work out

11 What is Tiananmen Square, and what happened there.

12 Using movie information, textbook, and class discussion, compare, and contrast changes in modern china with changes in europe during the industrial revolution.  For workers, farms, and the country.