Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Final Questions

Modern World History

1)   (p. 7-11)Compare and Contrast the Greek Democratic system with the Roman Republic.  Which do you think is better, and WHY?
2)   (p. 16-17)  How did the Renaissance change the world? How did the reformation?  What is the lasting legacy of the Renaissance and the Reformation?
3)   (P. 40-41)  Explain Renaissance art.  Describe the lives and Art of 2 renaissance artists.
4)   (p. 97-100) Describe some noted voyages/voyagers of the 1400s.  What drove the explorations of these explorers?
5)   (p.120-124) List 3 spanish explorers, and their explorations.
6)   (p. 137-141)  Explain the Colombian exchange. Give examples.  What were positive, and negative impacts of the Colombian exchange.
7)   (p.190-194)  Summarize the efforts and successes of 2 major contributors to the Scientific revolution.
8)   (p. 196-200) Read the section dealing with the environment, and explain the following ‘POWER MUST BE A CHECK TO POWER’
9)   (p. 215-220) What was the situation that led to the French revolution.  Was it avoidable? Why or Why not
10)                  (p.  230-231)  Describe Napoleon’s changes to government.  In your opinion, was Napoleon a good ruler? Why or why not.
11)                  What is Nationalism?  How could it break a country apart? How could it put a country together? (p.258)
12)                  P. 283 What was the agricultural revolution, and what were it’s effects?
13)                  P.p. 295-299 What was the industrial revolution, and how did it affect cities?
14)                  P.303 What is the difference  between capitalism and socialism?
15)                  P.340-345 What is imperialism, and what drove it’s growth
16)                  What is an example of imperialism
17)                  405-407 What are the causes of WW1?  What is the spark?
18)                  412-414 Describe the nature of WW1 technology and it’s effects?
19)                  420-…  How did the treaty of Versailles lead to WW2
20)                  p.476 What is Fascism.  How did it rise? Name two countries, and 2 leaders.

21)            Summarize Germany’s expansion under Hitler in early WW2?

22)              498 – 500 Describe Japan’s expansion, and America turning Tide.  Explain what the turning point of the war in the pacific was.

23)             p.532 What were the differing goals of Soviets and US.

24)            p. 542-546 Pick either Korea or Vietnam, explain how it demonstrated the cold war.