Monday, June 10, 2013

ww2 review

p. 486


How did the TREATY of Versailles lead to WW2

How did the Depression Lead to ww2

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

china assignment

The China grade:
2 sets of notes (previous posts)
2 timelines: 1 from 1300-1900 with 15-20 events, half from the material on china, half from european american history. (See notes for pages)

1 from 1900-1940 dealing with the fall of the dynasties, rise of the nationalists and communists.
448-452)  (7 events)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

china notes

read 448-452 and outline.  Write these outline headings:
And give minimum one summary bullet point per paragraph.

1.)  Imperial China Collapses

·      Setting the stage:

    2.)  Nationalists Overthrow Qing Dynasty
·      Shaky Start for the new Republic:

·      WW1 spells more problems:

3.)  The Communist Party in China

·      Lenin Befriends China:

·      Peasants align with Communists:

·      Nationalists and Communists Clash:

4.)  Civil War Rages in China

·      The Long March:

·      Civil War Suspended:

Monday, May 6, 2013

china notes

Page 102

China became the ___________________power in Asia under the _______________ Dynasty.
A Chinese __________________ Admiral named _________________ led voyages of exploration.   
Question: Compare his ships with Columbus’.

Page 105
To the Chinese, the __________________ Kingdom was the center of the  _________________.

Page 106
The British refused to perform the _______________ Ritual and were denied trade privilege.

Write a sentence explaining Chinese views of the outside world:

Page 371
Aroud the 17th and 18th ___________________ Spanish and ___________________  brought ______________, sweet potatoes, and _________________ .  This helped china _______________ increase the productivity of it’s ______________________ and _____________ it’s population.

Why did Britain want to sell Opium:

By 1835 __________________ chinese people were addicted.

p. 372

Since GBR kept selling opium, the ____________ War happened in 1839. 

The Treaty of _______________ gave Foreign citizens ____________________ Rights – they were not subject to Chinese _______________. 

What would you think of this if you were Chinese, and why?

What happened to China’s population by 1850…

p. 373
Read and write 3 bullet points about the Taiping Rebellion

What was a sphere of Influence.

Answer the skill builder on 374.

The Chinese resented special ____________________ granted to ____________________

They formed a secret organization called the society of the Harmonious _______________, also known as the ________________.

In ________________, the Boxers attacked the European section of the city of __________________.

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Finish discussion of WW1
Start WW1 Review.
Test Thursday, WW1

Friday, April 26, 2013

lecture frame

Find the missing words, write down everything.
The Big Four are Woodrow Wilson, _________, _____________, and __________
They ruled ________, France, ________, and _______
Wilson called his plan for peace the ________
The first _____(number) points ended secret ________,  allowed for freedom of the _______, _______ trade, and reduced __________.
The fifth point wanted _______ for colonial people.
(Give an example of the colonial people the book is talking about).
Points 6-13 were ________ for changing shape of countries.
____th point led to the creation of the ______ of Nations.
The treaty was the treaty of ____________.
New nations like Austria, ___________, _________, and _________ were created.
______took land from the Turks.  Syria, and ________ went to France.
The United States _____________ the treaty of versailles.
The ________of Versailles made Germany mad, because of the ____-guilt clause.  This made them pay _____-Billion dollars. 
Allies Japan and __________ were mad because they gained less _________ than they wanted.
Complete the Geography Skillbuilder on p. 426
Why was this a peace built on quicksand?