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Finish discussion of WW1
Start WW1 Review.
Test Thursday, WW1

Friday, April 26, 2013

lecture frame

Find the missing words, write down everything.
The Big Four are Woodrow Wilson, _________, _____________, and __________
They ruled ________, France, ________, and _______
Wilson called his plan for peace the ________
The first _____(number) points ended secret ________,  allowed for freedom of the _______, _______ trade, and reduced __________.
The fifth point wanted _______ for colonial people.
(Give an example of the colonial people the book is talking about).
Points 6-13 were ________ for changing shape of countries.
____th point led to the creation of the ______ of Nations.
The treaty was the treaty of ____________.
New nations like Austria, ___________, _________, and _________ were created.
______took land from the Turks.  Syria, and ________ went to France.
The United States _____________ the treaty of versailles.
The ________of Versailles made Germany mad, because of the ____-guilt clause.  This made them pay _____-Billion dollars. 
Allies Japan and __________ were mad because they gained less _________ than they wanted.
Complete the Geography Skillbuilder on p. 426
Why was this a peace built on quicksand?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Current MWH

1) Finishing Up WWI, (417-422) answer 9 questions at end of the section. Starting reading 14 points.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Imperialism review.

P. 366 Questions 1-3, 9&10, 15&16

How does the movie Gandhi Show imperialism? Give specific examples.

How does the movie Gandhi Show nationalism? Give specific examples.

How does the movie Gandhi Show industrialism? Give specific examples.

List 3 cons of imperialism, and 3 pros: Then, What is your opinion on imperialism.

What is civil disobedience, and give an example.

Cecil Rhodes was one of the wealthiest men in South Africa, and was Prime minister of South Africa.

"I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race...What an alteration (change) there would be if they Africans were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence." -- Cecil Rhodes

-explain the point of view of Cecil Rhodes

What is social darwinism?
What did we learn in guns, germs and steel about why europe expanded?
Contrast these theories.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Select readings on India

British Imperialism in India

P. 350 Legacy of Colonial Rule
List 5 negative effects of imperialism
List 4 positive effects of imperialism

P. 357
When does GBR move into India
What is East india Company.
Jewel in the crown?
List 4 Crops GBR got from India
Negative (3) and Positive (3) effects of Colonialism

P. 359
What causes SEPOY Muntiny
What is the Raj?

P. 361
What are 2 NATIONALISTIC responses to British Rule. 

P. 453
Why did Indians help British fight in WWI?
What are the Rowlatt acts?
What was the Amritsar Massacre

Who is Mohandas K. Gandhi
What is his strategy.
What does Mahatma mean
Civil disobedience?
What is a boycott, and example
REsults of Gandhi's work
What was the Salt march.
What happened when India got limited self Government?

p. 563
What did GBR do in WW2 to anger India?
What 2 religious groups (mainly) are in India
What is the Congress Party?
What is the Muslim League?
Who Is Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

p. 564
what is Partition?
how many died

What is Kashmir

Who is Jawahjarlal Nehru