Wednesday, May 15, 2013

china assignment

The China grade:
2 sets of notes (previous posts)
2 timelines: 1 from 1300-1900 with 15-20 events, half from the material on china, half from european american history. (See notes for pages)

1 from 1900-1940 dealing with the fall of the dynasties, rise of the nationalists and communists.
448-452)  (7 events)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

china notes

read 448-452 and outline.  Write these outline headings:
And give minimum one summary bullet point per paragraph.

1.)  Imperial China Collapses

·      Setting the stage:

    2.)  Nationalists Overthrow Qing Dynasty
·      Shaky Start for the new Republic:

·      WW1 spells more problems:

3.)  The Communist Party in China

·      Lenin Befriends China:

·      Peasants align with Communists:

·      Nationalists and Communists Clash:

4.)  Civil War Rages in China

·      The Long March:

·      Civil War Suspended:

Monday, May 6, 2013

china notes

Page 102

China became the ___________________power in Asia under the _______________ Dynasty.
A Chinese __________________ Admiral named _________________ led voyages of exploration.   
Question: Compare his ships with Columbus’.

Page 105
To the Chinese, the __________________ Kingdom was the center of the  _________________.

Page 106
The British refused to perform the _______________ Ritual and were denied trade privilege.

Write a sentence explaining Chinese views of the outside world:

Page 371
Aroud the 17th and 18th ___________________ Spanish and ___________________  brought ______________, sweet potatoes, and _________________ .  This helped china _______________ increase the productivity of it’s ______________________ and _____________ it’s population.

Why did Britain want to sell Opium:

By 1835 __________________ chinese people were addicted.

p. 372

Since GBR kept selling opium, the ____________ War happened in 1839. 

The Treaty of _______________ gave Foreign citizens ____________________ Rights – they were not subject to Chinese _______________. 

What would you think of this if you were Chinese, and why?

What happened to China’s population by 1850…

p. 373
Read and write 3 bullet points about the Taiping Rebellion

What was a sphere of Influence.

Answer the skill builder on 374.

The Chinese resented special ____________________ granted to ____________________

They formed a secret organization called the society of the Harmonious _______________, also known as the ________________.

In ________________, the Boxers attacked the European section of the city of __________________.