Friday, April 26, 2013

lecture frame

Find the missing words, write down everything.
The Big Four are Woodrow Wilson, _________, _____________, and __________
They ruled ________, France, ________, and _______
Wilson called his plan for peace the ________
The first _____(number) points ended secret ________,  allowed for freedom of the _______, _______ trade, and reduced __________.
The fifth point wanted _______ for colonial people.
(Give an example of the colonial people the book is talking about).
Points 6-13 were ________ for changing shape of countries.
____th point led to the creation of the ______ of Nations.
The treaty was the treaty of ____________.
New nations like Austria, ___________, _________, and _________ were created.
______took land from the Turks.  Syria, and ________ went to France.
The United States _____________ the treaty of versailles.
The ________of Versailles made Germany mad, because of the ____-guilt clause.  This made them pay _____-Billion dollars. 
Allies Japan and __________ were mad because they gained less _________ than they wanted.
Complete the Geography Skillbuilder on p. 426
Why was this a peace built on quicksand?

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